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Your Consultant "Hayden"

Hayden is your personal consultant in the jungle that is the construction game in The Netherlands.

His experience of 11 years in being a licensed plumber and electrician from Australia helps in spotting future issues and how to avoid them.

Hayden has worked on creating the most trusted and expat friendly network he can!

It is his goal for you to be perfectly happy through the initial process of the renovation of your home/apartment..

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Don't just take my word for it …





We are focused on servicing expats in the Amsterdam & Haarlem area.

You either want to renovate your home for an investment or to improve your living standards.
Or maybe you are looking at setting up a new space for your new business!

But you don't know who to contact or are having a lot of trouble finding the right people to trust.

Please get in contact with us ASAP - The earlier we start the higher chance of fitting in with your time schedule. 
We can start from the beginning (plans / interior design) or if you are further down the line we can help with finding the right people to get started!

Helping with the initial planning

Girl taking note next to a laptop

Finding the perfect fit

Electrical Worker

Previous Work



+61 434 653 144

You can view and download our T&C's here.

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